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 Vulcan Austerity 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive No 72, Built 1945 for the MOD and subsequently NCB. Vacuum Braked and Steam Heating fitted.

Nine years remaining on ticket. Full details of restoration work available on request. Serious enquiries only please, for this superb locomotive. Price Circa 180 k....


The largest coaching stock sale since the privatisation of BR




Reference R001. Mk1 RMB, dual braked, good condition, 44 seats and fitted with miniature buffet.  

Reference R002. Mk1 FO, air braked, good condition, 42 seats.

Reference R003. Mk1 FO, dual braked, good condition, 42 seats.

Reference R004, Mk1 FO, dual braked, good condition, 42 seats.

Reference R005,(Mk2TSO 01) Mk2a, TSO air braked, fair condition, 64 seats.

Reference R006, Mk1 TSO, air braked, fair condition. 64 seats.

Reference R007, Mk2a BFK, air braked, fair condition. Seats 24.

Reference R008 ,(Mk2Bfk 01) Mk2a BFK, air braked, Fair condition, Seats 24.

Reference R009, Mk2f, RFB, air braked, Fair condition, Seats 25.



Reference R010, Mk2e, BSO, air braked, Fair condition ,seats 32.

Reference R011, GWR TOAD goods brake van.

Reference R012, LMS Milk tanker.

Reference R013, BR China Clay hood wagon.

Reference A014, BR Standard goods brake van.

Reference A015 GW TOAD Goods brake van.

Reference A016, GWR TOAD goods brake van.

Reference A017, GWR TOAD goods brake van.

Reference A018, GWR TOAD goods brake van.




Photographs and descriptions will be added as they become available. 


If you can't find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us and we will do our very best to find it. Please mention this site when you make any enquiries. This page is regularly updated so please keep checking back for updates. Other sites may have details of our stock for sale but are not necessarily kept up to date.


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